The Users module allows named users to interact with the BinferServer application in their own user space, allowing for multiple users to use Binfer's functionality without ever seeing what other users are doing or what data they are handling.

Additionally, the Users module offers powerful permission controls, relying on zero trust principles, to ensure that every user has access to only the data meant for them.

Adding and Removing Members

Adding and removing users is a simple process that can be achieved from the B6 central management console by all those with admin privileges. All users that are added will have the ability to log in to their own B6 portal and use all available modules to transfer data to and from the primary server as well as other private cloud devices.

Adding a User

Note: An email will not be sent to newly added users. The Admin adding the new users should communicate the login ID and password via a secure means to each user. 

Removing a User