Installing Binfer in AWS

Binfer is excited to announce that the BinferServer product is officially listed as an AMI that can be installed directly from the AWS marketplace to make installation and setup a breeze.

Outlined below are the steps necessary to setup an EC2 in your Amazon environment with BinferServer pre-installed.


This installation guide starts with the following assumptions:

Creating the EC2 Instance

To begin, login to your AWS account.  The first step is to create the EC2 instance via Amazon's marketplace.

EC2 Configuration Notes

If you are planning to use standard HTTP traffic, in your Security Group for the instance you must open port 1212 to TCP traffic for BinferServer to be accessible from outside the EC2.

If you are planning to use HTTPS traffic, a domain name for the instance is required and the Security Group for the instance must be configured to allow TCP traffic through port 443.

If you are not planning to set a domain for your Binfer instance, a static IP is required.

Configuring Binfer on the EC2

Once you have launched your instance and connected to it you just need to connect the BinferServer instance to your account to get started.

Congratulations! Your BinferServer instance is setup and ready to go, you can now login and begin using the Binfer instance.